See Figure 1. Vehicles with a fairing have a vent in the upper dash for ventilation. The vent can be closed or opened to provide a comfortable flow of air to the rider and to minimize wind buffeting. The preferred position is to keep the vent open for reduced turbulence.
Open: Press down the vent button until it clicks. The vent door remains in the open position.
Close: Press down the vent button and release. The button pops up and the vent door closes.
Reset: If the latch does not catch, firmly press the button to open, close and reopen the vent until the mechanism engages.
Keep the vent free of foreign objects. Periodically clean the vent mechanism to remove dirt, bugs and leaves, and to keep all parts from sticking. Clean the button and vent door if they become difficult to open or close. See Care and Cleaning → Windshield Care.
1Vent button
2Vent door
3Button up (vent closed)
4Button down (vent open)
Figure 1. Fairing Splitstream Vent