See Figure 1. Models with a fairing have a media compartment enclosure in the dash used to store small items.
The USB port is not connected at this time.
Open: See Figure 1. Push lower portion of door and release.
Close: Firmly push the door shut until latch engages.
Door latch reset: If compartment door was forced open or is not latching properly, the door latch may need to be reset:
  1. Push the door shut.
  2. Open the door.
  3. Close the door again to engage the latch mechanism.
Keep door closed while riding to prevent items from falling out. Remove valuable items from the media compartment before leaving the vehicle unattended.
The cradle can be removed to clean within the media compartment. Install the cradle before riding to prevent media devices from moving in the compartment and to minimize vibration.
Figure 1. Media Compartment Door Recess