1. See Figure 1. Remove screw (1) and air cleaner cover (2) with rubber seal (6).
2. Remove three screws (3).
3. Remove filter element (4) pulling breather tube from hole on inboard side.
4. Remove breather tube (5) from breather bolts.
5. Inspect the breather tube and fittings for damage.
Do not use gasoline or solvents to clean filter element. Flammable cleaning agents can cause an intake system fire, which could result in death or serious injury. (00101a)
Compressed air can pierce the skin and flying debris from compressed air could cause serious eye injury. Wear safety glasses when working with compressed air. Never use your hand to check for air leaks or to determine air flow rates. (00061a)
6. Clean filter element.
a. Wash the paper/wire mesh air filter element and breather tube in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Do not strike filter element on a hard surface to dislodge dirt.
b. Allow filter element to air dry or use low-pressure compressed air blowing from the inside. Do NOT use air cleaner filter oil on the Harley-Davidson paper/wire mesh air filter element.
c. Hold the filter element up to a strong light source. The element is sufficiently clean when light is uniformly visible through the media.
d. Replace the filter element if damaged or if filter media cannot be adequately cleaned.
Air cleaner mounting without installation of the breather tubes allows crankcase vapors to vent into the atmosphere. This violates emissions regulations.
1. See Figure 1. Install breather tube (5) onto breather bolts.
2. Install filter element (4) while pushing breather tube into element.
3. Install screws (3). Tighten screws to 4.5–6.8 N·m (40–60 in-lbs).
4. Verify that rubber seal (6) is not damaged and is properly seated around perimeter of air cleaner cover.
5. Place air cleaner cover onto backplate. Apply a drop of LOCTITE 243 MEDIUM STRENGTH THREADLOCKER AND SEALANT (blue) to the threads of screw (1). Install screw. Tighten to 4.1–6.8 N·m (36–60 in-lbs).
1Cover screw
3Screw (3)
4Filter element
5Breather tube assembly
6Rubber seal
Figure 1. Air Cleaner Assembly