1. Improperly loaded motorcycle. Non-standard equipment such as heavy radio receivers, extra lighting equipment excess or unsecured luggage may cause unstable handling.
  2. Load (people and gear) exceeds maximum GVWR.
  3. Damaged tire(s) or improper front-rear tire combination.
  4. Irregular or peaked front tire tread wear.
  5. Incorrect tire pressure.
  6. Shock absorber not functioning normally.
  7. Incorrect suspension adjustment.
  8. Loose wheel axle nuts. Tighten to recommended torque specification.
  9. Excessive wheel hub bearing play.
  10. Rear wheel out of alignment with frame and front wheel.
  11. Steering head bearings improperly adjusted. Correct adjustment and replace pitted or worn bearings and races.
  12. Loose spokes (laced wheel vehicles only).
  13. Tire and wheel unbalanced.
  14. Rims and tires out-of-round or eccentric with hub.
  15. Rims and tires out-of-true sideways.
  16. Rear fork pivot assembly: improperly tightened or assembled, or loose/pitted or damaged pivot bearings.
  17. Engine mounts and/or stabilizer links loose, worn or damaged.
  18. Incorrect, non-specified tire mounted on front or rear wheel.