Main Fuse
See Figure 1. A 50 amp main fuse is located near the fuse block. Removing the main fuse disconnects power to all systems except the starter motor/solenoid.
In order to prevent damage to electrical components, use the following procedure to deactivate the electrical system before disconnecting power.
1. Verify that the hands-free fob is present.
2. Turn the ignition switch to ON position.
3. Remove the main fuse from its connector.
Place the ignition switch in the OFF position before installing the main fuse.
System Fuses
Do not skip any steps for fuse replacement. Skipping fuse replacement steps can result in damage to the sound system and/or other motorcycle systems. (00223a)
See Figure 1. Fuses are located under left side cover.
If fuse replacement does not correct a problem, see a Harley-Davidson dealer for electrical diagnosis.
1. Turn ignition switch OFF.
2. Remove left side cover. See Maintenance and Lubrication → Side Covers.
3. Press in tabs on the left and right sides of fuse block cover. Remove the cover.
4. See Figure 2. Remove fuse and inspect the element.
Always use replacement fuses that are of the correct type and amperage rating. Use of incorrect fuses can result in damage to electrical systems. (00222a)
5. Replace the fuse if the element is burned or damaged.
Use automotive-type fuses for replacements. The fuse block has spare fuses.
6. Install the fuse block cover.
7. Install left side cover.
1Fuse block cover
2Main fuse
3Press tabs to remove
Figure 1. Fuse Block (under left side cover)
1Radio power (30 A)
2System power (7.5 A)
3Battery (5 A)
4P&A (20 A)
5Cooling (15 A)
6Spare (5 A)
7P&A relay
8Cooling relay
9Spare (7.5 A)
10Spare (20 A)
11Main fuse (50 A)
Figure 2. Fuses and Relays