Do not exceed Tour-Pak weight capacity. Too much weight can cause loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00401c)
Do NOT pull on any electrical wires. Pulling on electrical wires may damage the internal conductor causing high resistance, which may result in minor or moderate injury. (00168a)
Maximum luggage rack weight capacity is 4.5 kg (10 lb). Combined load of luggage rack and Tour-Pak must not exceed 13.6 kg (30 lb).
See Figure 1. Some vehicles have a lockable Tour-Pak for storing cargo.
Lock/Unlock: Use the ignition key to lock or unlock the latch handle.
Open: Pull the latch handle. Raise the lid.
Close: Close the lid. Push the latch handle to secure the lid. Lift on lid to check that it is secure.
Some vehicles have a luggage rack. Tie down and secure cargo on the luggage rack before riding.
1Latch handle
Figure 1. Tour-Pak
The position of the Tour-Pak can be adjusted forward or rearward for passenger comfort.
The Tour-Pak position cannot be adjusted on Asia Pacific (APC) configuration motorcycles, except to access the seat screw. To determine vehicle configuration, check the VIN identifier in Identification → Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) → Harley-Davidson VIN Breakdown: 2018 Touring Models. See SEAT ACCESS (APC MODELS) to move the Tour-Pak on APC configuration vehicles.
1. See Figure 2. Loosen the four nuts securing the Tour-Pak to the support.
2. Slide the Tour-Pak to the desired position.
3. Tighten the four nuts.
Torque: 6.8–8.1 N·m (5.0–6.0 ft-lbs) Tour-Pak mounting nuts
Figure 2. Tour-Pak Position Adjustment
Seat Access: APC Models
On APC vehicles, the Tour-Pak can be moved rearward to access the seat screw. Refer to the vehicle configuration for the motorcycle in Identification → Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) → Harley-Davidson VIN Breakdown: 2018 Touring Models. The Tour-Pak must be installed in its original position before riding.
1. See Figure 3. Remove the four screws securing the Tour-Pak bracket to the support.
2. Pull the Tour-Pak rearward to access the seat screw.
3. When finished, move the Tour-Pak to its original position. Align all four holes in the bracket with the slots in the support.
4. Install the four screws. Tighten.
Torque: 6.8–8.1 N·m (5.0–6.0 ft-lbs) Tour-Pak bracket screws (APC models)
Figure 3. Tour-Pak Bracket Screws (APC Models)