Do not exceed saddlebag weight capacity. Put equal weight in each bag. Too much weight in saddlebags can cause loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00383a)
Do not operate motorcycle without saddlebags attached because they contain side and/or rear reflectors. Motorcycle operation without reflectors can violate local regulations and lead to decreased visibility of the motorcycle to other motorists, which could result in death or serious injury. (12904a)
Maximum saddlebag weight capacity is 9.1 kg (20 lb) in each saddlebag.
  1. See Figure 1. Unlock saddlebag lock with the key.
  2. Lift the saddlebag lever.
  3. Lift the lid from the inner side of the saddlebag.
  1. See Figure 1. Close the saddlebag lid.
  2. Push the lever down to engage the latches. Check that the lid is secure.
  3. Lock the saddlebag.
  1. See Figure 1. Open the saddlebag.
  2. See Figure 2. Turn the mounting screw levers counterclockwise to remove the mounting screws from the support bracket.
  3. Lift the saddlebag from the saddlebag rail.
  • Do not drag or scrape saddlebags on the ground.
  • Saddlebags with a curved bottom will not rest upright on the ground. Set saddlebags on a level surface to prevent tipping.
  1. See Figure 2. Carefully place saddlebag in position on saddlebag rail. Align the mounting grommets with the support bracket.
  2. NOTE
    The rear mounting screw lever will interfere with the saddlebag cover unless positioned with lever pointed downward.
  3. Install the mounting screws through the grommet into support bracket. Turning the lever clockwise, tighten the mounting screws so the levers are pointed downward between the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions as shown.
  4. Check that the saddlebag is secure on the motorcycle.
  5. Close and lock the saddlebag.
1Saddlebag lock
2Unlock position (toward rear of vehicle)
3Lock position (toward front of vehicle)
Figure 1. Saddlebag
1Mounting screw with lever
2Saddlebag rail
3Support bracket
Figure 2. Saddlebag Removal/Installation