Height Adjustment
See Figure 1. The passenger footboards are adjustable up or down to one of three positions.
  • Remove plastic plugs from holes in the frame footboard mount (3) as necessary.
  • If the bracket (4) does not slide up or down, loosen but do not remove the lower shoulder bolt (5).
1. Remove screw (1) and lockwasher (2) from top of bracket.
2. Slide the bracket to the desired position.
3. Install the screw and lockwasher. Tighten to 49–56 N·m (36–42 ft-lbs).
4. If loosened, tighten the lower shoulder bolt. Tighten to 5.4–8.1 N·m (48–72 in-lbs).
3Footboard mount
5Lower shoulder bolt
Figure 1. Passenger Footboard: FLHR, FLHRC, FLHTCU, FLHTK, FLTRU