Security System Indicator
If the system indicator lamp stays illuminated while riding, see a Harley-Davidson dealer.
If the security system continues to actuate warnings and alarms with the fob present, check for:
  1. Electromagnetic interference: Other electronic devices, power lines or other electromagnetic sources can cause the security system to operate inconsistently.
    1. Verify that the fob is not in a metal enclosure or within 76 mm (3.0 in) of any other electronic devices.
    2. Place the fob on the seat and turn the ignition to IGN. After the system disarms, return the fob to a convenient location.
    3. Move motorcycle at least 5 m (15 ft) from the spot of interference.
    4. Use the PIN to disarm the system.
  2. NOTE
    Leaving a fob next to a computer monitor can run down the battery.
  3. Discharged fob battery: Use the PIN to disarm the system. Replace the battery. See SECURITY SYSTEM → Fob Battery.
  4. A damaged fob: Use the PIN to disarm the motorcycle. Replacement fobs are available for purchase from a Harley-Davidson dealer.