Use only Harley-Davidson recommended products and methods to keep the radio, speakers and other audio system components clean and in good condition. Do not use any abrasives, polishes or rubbing compounds to clean the screen or other components. Do not use any ammonia-based cleaners on the screen. Use of other products or methods may cause damage to components.
Replaceable Screen Protector
Boom! Box 6.5GT radios have a replaceable screen protector. Keep the protector on the screen at all times. Damage to the screen due to use without the protector will not be covered under warranty. Remove and replace the protector if it becomes dull, scratched or worn.
Cleaning the Radio
Spray a light amount of HARLEY GLOSS on a MICROFIBER DETAILING CLOTH. Be careful to gently remove any sediments without rubbing them into the screen. Apply circular motions from the center and outwards. Use a dry MICROFIBER DETAILING CLOTH to dry the screen. Repeat the process as necessary.
Do not use any screen enhancing chemicals or products. These can damage the screen surface.
Speaker Care
If a haze develops on speakers with a protective grille, use HARLEY SEAT, SADDLEBAG, AND TRIM CLEANER and a SOFTCLOTH or SOFT DETAILING PAD to clean. Do not apply wax or any other similar products on speaker grilles.
Do not use compressed or forced air on speakers.
Vehicles with saddlebag speakers are designed to prevent water intrusion and to allow water to drain during washing or riding in all weather. To remove any standing water from saddlebag speakers, open the saddlebags and gently shake any remaining water from the speakers.