Do not remove trim ring for headlamp adjustment.
  1. Set headlamp beam:
    1. Quartz halogen: Set headlamp to high beam.
    2. LED, fork-mounted fairing: Set headlamp to low beam.
    3. LED, frame-mounted fairing: Set headlamp to high beam.
  2. All except frame-mounted fairing: See Figure 1. Insert a 5/32 in ball end hex wrench through adjuster slots in trim ring.
    1. Horizontal: Turn the horizontal adjusting screw (1) to adjust light beam left and right.
    2. Vertical: Turn the vertical adjusting screw (2) to adjust light beam up and down.
  3. NOTE
    • Frame-mounted fairing models allow only vertical adjustment.
    • Any of three tools can be used: 9 mm socket, 6 mm hex or T15 Torx.
    • Do not force adjuster past the point that resistance is felt.
  4. Frame-mounted fairing models: See Figure 2.
    1. Turn the adjuster to adjust light beam up and down.
    2. See Maintenance and Lubrication → Adjust Auxiliary . Adjust headlamp light beam.
1Horizontal adjuster
2Vertical adjuster
Figure 1. Headlamp Adjusters: All except Frame-Mounted Fairing (typical)
Figure 2. Headlamp Adjuster: FLTRU, FLTRX, FLTRXS
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