Ignition Disabled
When the fob is not present and the system is armed, if the ignition switch is turned to IGNITION or ACCESSORY, the security lamp will flash at a fast rate and the odometer window display will scroll "ENtER PIN". The headlamp will not turn on.
After approximately 10 seconds, if the system does not receive a left turn signal switch input, the display will go blank. The ignition system will remain disabled until the fob is present or the current PIN is entered.
Once armed, if the motorcycle is moved or lifted up off of its jiffy stand and the fob is not present, the alarm will warn the operator with three alternate flashes of the turn signals and a chirp of the optional siren.
Within four seconds, if the motorcycle is back on its jiffy stand and no further motion is detected and/or the ignition is turned to OFF, the system will remain armed without activating the alarm.
If the motorcycle motion continues, the system will issue a second warning four seconds after the first.
During warnings and alarms, the starter motor and the ignition circuits are disabled.
Alarm Activation
If the security system is still detecting motion and/or if the ignition has not been turned back to OFF after a second warning, the system will activate the alarm.
When activated, the security system will:
Duration: The alarm will stop within 30 seconds and if no motion is detected, the alarm will not restart.
However, if motorcycle motion continues, the system will repeat the 30 second alarm and recheck for motion. The alarm will repeat this 30 second alarm cycle for five minutes (10 cycles) or until the alarm is deactivated.
The alarm will also activate the LED, vibration or audible modes of a Harley-Davidson security pager. A pager can operate either in silent or in combination with an optional siren. The range of a pager can be up to 0.8 km (0.5 mi). See a Harley-Davidson dealer for details.
Deactivate Alarm