Do not pull on the cord to remove the headset from the socket. Pull on the headset jack to disconnect the headset from the socket. (00174a)
See Figure 1 and Figure 2. Some vehicles have a rider headset connector on the fuel tank panel and a passenger headset connector on the left speaker pod. The headsets are used to operate the CB, intercom, voice recognition and other features on equipped models.
Use the Harley-Davidson 7-pin DIN headset that is supplied with equipped models or purchased from a Harley-Davidson dealer. Other headset microphones will not work. See the instructions that are included with the headset to install in a helmet.
Connect the headset by aligning the connector index on the headset connector with the console index on the connector.
Audio routing for the headset is controlled through the radio. Volume and push-to-talk functions are done using the rider and passenger hand controls. See the BOOM! BOX OWNER'S MANUAL.
The socket caps remain shut when not in use to prevent dirt and water from entering the socket. Close both socket caps before washing the motorcycle.
1Headset connector index
2Console index
Figure 1. Rider Headset Connector (typical)
Figure 2. Passenger Headset Connector