Some models have fairing lowers. The fairing lowers provide an extra level of riding comfort by blocking wind and water from the rider's legs.
Vent Door
See Figure 1. The fairing lower vent door can be adjusted to direct airflow for rider comfort and circulate air across the engine. Slide the vent door lever to adjust or close the vent door.
Storage Compartment: Air-Cooled Models
See Figure 1. Air-cooled models have fairing lowers with a storage compartment. Remove any valuable items from the storage compartment before leaving the motorcycle unattended.
Open: Push and release the indented tab at the top of the compartment door. Pull down the top of the door to open.
Close: Push the compartment door shut until it latches. Check that all compartment doors are secure before riding.
Reset: If the latch sticks or does not catch properly, firmly press the door to close. Open and close the door again to engage the latch mechanism.
1Compartment door
2Storage compartment
3Vent door lever
4Vent door
Figure 1. Fairing Lowers: Air-Cooled Models
The fairing lowers on Twin-Cooled models do not have a storage compartment. Do not store any items in the fairing lowers on a Twin-Cooled vehicle.
Removing Fairing Lowers: Air-Cooled Models
Fairing lowers can be removed in warmer ambient temperature to increase rider and passenger comfort. Fairing lowers with speakers require the speakers to be removed and harnesses be disconnected. See the service manual to remove fairing lowers on air-cooled vehicles.
The fairing lowers on Twin-Cooled vehicles contain cooling system components. Do not remove fairing lowers on Twin-Cooled vehicles.
Cooling System: Twin-Cooled Vehicles
See Figure 2. On Twin-Cooled vehicles, the fairing lowers include cooling system components. The coolant bottle is behind the access panel in the right side fairing lower. See Maintenance and Lubrication → Cooling System to check the coolant level.
The access panel is secured with three retainers. Carefully pry at the top and at each lower corner to remove the access panel. To install, push the panel until the retainers snap into place.
Keep the radiator screen and outlet duct clean and free from obstructions.
1Access panel
2Outlet duct
3Vent door lever
4Vent door
Figure 2. Fairing Lowers: Twin-Cooled Models