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Be sure that no lubricants or fluids get on tires, wheels or brakes when changing fluid. Traction can be adversely affected, which could result in loss of control of the motorcycle and death or serious injury. (00047d)
Do not switch lubricant brands indiscriminately because some lubricants interact chemically when mixed. Use of inferior lubricants can damage the engine. (00184a)
  1. Run motorcycle until engine is at normal operating temperature. Turn off engine.
  2. Remove filler plug/dipstick.
  3. NOTE
    Replace drain plug O-ring.
  4. See Figure 1. Remove the oil drain plug (2) and O-ring. Allow oil to drain completely.
Use P&A Oil Catcher (Part No. 62700199) or equivalent to keep drain oil off crankcase when removing oil filter. Residual drain oil could falsely appear as a crankcase oil leak at a later time.
1. Remove the oil filter using oil filter wrench and hand tools. Do not use with air tools.

Special Tool: OIL FILTER WRENCH (94863-10)

Special Tool: OIL FILTER WRENCH (94686-00)

2. Clean the oil filter mount flange.
3. Clean any residual oil for crankcase and transmission housing.
4. See Figure 2. Install new oil filter.
a. Lubricate gasket with a thin film of clean engine oil.
b. Install new oil filter.
c. Hand-tighten oil filter one-half to three-quarters of a turn after gasket first contacts filter mounting surface. Do NOT use oil filter wrench for installation.
5. Install engine oil drain plug and new O-ring.
Torque: 19–28.5 N·m (14–21 ft-lbs) Engine oil drain plug
Use the proper grade of oil for the lowest temperature expected before the next oil change. Refer to Maintenance and Lubrication → Engine Lubrication → Recommended Engine Oils for recommended oil.
6. Add an initial volume of engine oil. Refer to Table 1.
Table 1. Initial Oil Fill
Engine oil initial fill
3.8 L (4.0 qt)
    1. Perform engine oil level cold check.
    2. Start engine and carefully check for oil leaks around drain plug and oil filter.
    3. Perform engine oil level hot check.
1Transmission drain plug (left side)
2Engine oil drain plug and O-ring
3Hex plug (do not remove)
Figure 1. Oil Pan
1Thin film of oil ONLY
2Oil filter
3Mounting plate
Figure 2. Applying Thin Oil Film