See Figure 1. To use the quick disconnect strap feature, lift up the strap end to expose the quick release buckle and press on the lock tabs as shown.
The straps may also be opened and closed using the buckle in a conventional manner.
Insert the male strap end into the receptacle on the bag and push until a positive "click" is felt.
See Care and Cleaning → Leather and Vinyl Care for proper saddlebag care.
Figure 1. Saddlebag Quick Disconnect
  1. Open the saddlebag.
  2. See Figure 2. Rotate the mounting studs a quarter turn counterclockwise to disengage the saddlebag from the mounting bracket.
  3. Lift the saddlebag from the saddlebag rail.
  1. Position the saddlebag on the saddlebag rail.
  2. Align the mounting studs with the support bracket.
  3. See Figure 3. Push in the mounting studs and rotate a quarter turn clockwise to engage the wireform latch.
  4. Check that the saddlebag is secure on the motorcycle.
  5. Close the saddlebag.
1Mounting studs and washers (2)
2Saddlebag rail
Figure 2. Saddlebag Removal/Installation: FLHRC
Figure 3. Mounting Stud Installation (cutaway view)