The media compartment has a USB port to connect with a phone, media device or USB drive. Use an interface cable to connect with these devices. The USB port is powered and operational when the vehicle is turned on or in accessory mode.
Devices can be added or removed while the radio is on. However, when importing/exporting files or installing updates to the radio, do not disconnect the USB device until the task has completed.
Keep the compartment door closed while riding to prevent items from falling out. Remove valuable items from the media compartment before leaving the vehicle unattended.
Do not use media players with hard drives. Vibration may cause internal damage.
Media/Storage Compartments: FLTRU, FLTRX, FLTRXS
See Figure 1. Storage compartments are on the right and left side of the fairing. The USB port for media devices is in the right side compartment.
Open: Pull up on the compartment door as shown.
Cleaning: The rubber or fabric insert in the compartment is attached with hook and loop fastening tape and can be removed for cleaning.
See Figure 2 and Figure 3. Other vehicles have a media compartment on the right side of the radio as shown. Insert the phone or media device into the foam cradle to secure the device and isolate it from vibration.
Open: Push lower portion of door and release to open.
Close: Firmly push the door shut until the latch engages.
Reset door latch: If compartment door was forced open or is not latching properly, reset the door latch. Push the door shut. Open the door. Close the door again to engage the latch mechanism.
Cleaning: The cradle can be removed for cleaning or to assist with installing or removing a device from the compartment.
Figure 1. Storage/Media Compartment: FLTRU, FLTRX, FLTRXS
Figure 2. Media Compartment: FLHT, FLHX
1USB port
Figure 3. USB Port: FLHT, FLHX