See Figure 1 , Figure 2 and Figure 3. Some models have up to two power ports. One port is in the fairing. The other port is in the Tour-Pak.
These ports can be used to power or charge 12 VDC accessories with a standard automotive power connector. Follow the manufacturer instructions when installing and operating accessories. Firmly push the accessory connector into the power port.
Be sure that steering is smooth and free without interference. Interference with steering could result in loss of vehicle control and death or serious injury. (00371a)
The port is energized while the ignition switch is in the IGNITION or ACCESSORY position. Powering accessories for an extended time while the engine is not running drains the battery.
The maximum current draw for all connected accessories is 15 A. This current draw includes the total current for all power ports and any other installed accessories installed. If excessive current is detected, the system cuts off power to the port. The system automatically enables power to the port again when it senses the overcurrent situation has ceased (such as when a faulty or high powered accessory has been removed).
Items charging in the power port may cause interference with radio reception.
Figure 1. Fairing Power Port: FLTRU, FLTRX, FLTRXS
Figure 2. Fairing Power Port: FLHTCU, FLHTK, FLHTKL
Figure 3. Tour-Pak Power Port