Battery Replacement Schedule
Replace the fob battery every year.
Battery Replacement
  1. Open the fob case.
    1. See Figure 1. Place a thin blade in the thumbnail slot (1).
    2. Twist the blade to separate cases.
  2. NOTE
    Use a CR1632 or equivalent battery.
  3. Install a new battery with the positive side up.
    1. Push the latch (3) away from the battery.
    2. Lift the battery from the side opposite the latch.
    3. Verify that the metal tabs will firmly contact battery. Bend up slightly if necessary.
    4. Install the battery against the latch with the positive side up. Drop into place.
  4. Close the case.
    1. Align case halves.
    2. Snap case halves together.
1Thumbnail slot
2Battery (CR2032)
Figure 1. Replace Fob Battery