An accurate engine oil level reading can only be obtained with the engine at normal operating temperature (hot check). The engine will require a longer warm up period in colder temperatures.
For preride inspection, simply verify that there are no oil leaks from the oil filter and oil lines prior to operating the motorcycle.
Perform a hot check of the engine oil level at each fuel stop.
Do not allow hot oil level to fall below Add/Fill mark on dipstick. Doing so can result in equipment damage and/or equipment malfunction. (00189a)
Do not overfill oil. Doing so can result in oil carryover to the air cleaner leading to equipment damage and/or equipment malfunction. (00190b)
Do not switch lubricant brands indiscriminately because some lubricants interact chemically when mixed. Use of inferior lubricants can damage the engine. (00184a)
Ride motorcycle for approximately 10 minutes to ensure the oil is hot and the engine is at normal operating temperature.
  1. The motorcycle must be on level ground, on the sidestand, with the engine off.
  2. See Figure 1. Unscrew and remove dipstick from oil tank/swingarm filler hole. Wipe dipstick clean.
  3. Insert dipstick into oil tank filler hole, screwing dipstick in completely.
  4. NOTE
    See Figure 2. The area between the upper and lower registration marks is the operating range.
  5. Unscrew and remove dipstick and note oil level.
    1. Oil level should be within the operating range (between upper and lower registration marks) on dipstick.
    2. If oil level is below lower registration mark, add only enough oil to bring oil level between lower and upper registration marks.
Approximately 4 oz. (0.12 liter) of oil is needed to bring the oil level from the lower registration mark to the upper mark.
Figure 1. Filler Plug/Dipstick Location: XB Models
Figure 2. Oil Dipstick Proper Operating Range: XB Models