To maintain the original luster and appearance of the wheels on your Buell motorcycle, clean and polish wheels as often as possible to inhibit rust and corrosion. Damage from harsh chemicals, acid based wheel cleaners, brake dust and lack of maintenance can occur. Regular washing and the use of a corrosion protectant will help to maintain their original appearance.
Harley-Davidson WHEEL AND TIRE CLEANER (Part No. 94658-98) is recommended for cleaning wheels and tires. Then use HARLEY GLOSS™ (Part No. 94627-98) to protect the wheel surfaces.
Be careful not to get the brakes wet when washing vehicle. Wet brake pads and/or discs can adversely affect brake performance, which could result in death or serious injury. (00079b)
Buell recommends the following products:
See a Buell dealer for cleaning, polishing and waxing products.
Translucent Wheels: 1203cc Models Only
The wheels on your Buell are painted with a translucent amber powder coat. This translucent paint allows you to see through the finish to the wheel surface below. It creates a deep glossy finish which makes each motorcycle take on its own unique appearance.