This manual contains information specific to 2007 Lightning Models. Riders may wish to purchase the 2007 Lightning Service Manual (Part No. 99490-07YA). See a local Buell dealer for price and availability.
Do not run the engine at extremely high RPM with clutch disengaged or transmission in neutral. Running an engine at high RPM can result in engine damage. (00177a)
Air-cooled engines require air movement over the cylinders and heads to maintain proper operating temperature. Extended periods of idling or parade duty can overheat the engine, resulting in serious engine damage. (00178a)
Cooling fans operate automatically, even when the ignition switch is off. Keep hands away from fan blades. Contact with a rotating fan blade can result in minor or moderate injury. (00093a)
XB12STT Model
The XB12STT model, as delivered, is intended for solo rider operation only. If you want to carry a passenger on this model motorcycle, see your authorized Buell dealer for information.
Indicator Lamps and Cooling
An engine run long distances at high speed or run at idle for extended periods must be given closer than ordinary attention to avoid overheating and possible consequent damage. Have the engine checked regularly and keep it well tuned.
Your motorcycle has a system designed to warn of potential engine overheating and reduce the likelihood of an overheat condition. If a fuel-injected engine exceeds normal operating temperature, the engine will operate in a "skip spark" mode until the temperature is back in the normal operating range. Reduced power will be experienced until operating temperature returns to the normal range. The check engine lamp will blink warning the rider of this condition. The check engine lamp will only blink as long as the operating temperature remains above normal. If the check engine lamp blinks excessively or potential overheating is not suspected, see a Buell dealer.
When riding on wet roads, brake efficiency and traction are greatly reduced. Failure to use care when braking, accelerating or turning on wet roads can cause loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00041a)
Continuous use of brake causes overheating and reduced efficiency, which could result in death or serious injury. (00042a)
Do not coast for long distances with the engine off or idling. The transmission is properly lubricated only when the engine is running. Coasting long distances can result in transmission damage. (00180b)
Do not tow a disabled motorcycle. Towing can adversely affect stability and handling, which could result in death or serious injury. (00017a)