The First 500 Miles (800 Kilometers)
To properly wear-in critical parts during the first 500 miles (800 kilometers), please observe the simple riding rules below. This will assure future performance and durability.
  1. During the first 50 miles (80 kilometers), keep the engine speed below 2500 RPM in all gears and do not exceed 50 mph (80 kph). Do not allow the engine to lug.
  2. For the first 500 miles (800 kilometers), vary the engine speed and avoid riding at the same speed for long distances. Engine speeds up to 3000 RPM are permissible in any gear after 50 miles (80 kilometers) have accumulated. but Do not exceed 55 mph (89 kph) for the first 50-500 miles (80-800 kilometers).
  3. Avoid fast starts at wide open throttle. Drive slowly until engine warms up.
  4. Refer to Operation → Shifting Gears → Upshift (Acceleration) Gear Speeds: 2005 XB Models and Operation → Shifting Gears → Downshift (Deceleration) Gear Speeds: 2005 XB Models . Follow table guidelines for when to shift gears. Avoid running the engine at extremely low RPM in higher gears.
  5. Avoid hard braking. New brakes need to be broken-in by moderate use for the first 200 miles (300 kilometers).