This section provides left and right side views of your 2005 Firebolt motorcycle. Please refer to the CONTROLS AND INDICATORS and OPERATION sections for specific details about each component.
Specifications in this publication may not match those of official certification in some markets due to timing of publication printing, variance in testing methods, and/or vehicle differences. Customers seeking officially recognized regulatory specifications for their vehicle should refer to certification documents and/or contact their respective dealer or distributor.
1Left front turn signal
3Clutch hand lever
4Ignition key switch
5Fuel filler cap
6Air intake
7Battery (under seat)
8Pillion seat lock
9Passenger footrest
10Rear brake caliper
11Rider footrest
13Chin fairing
14Oil cooler
15Clutch cable
Figure 1. Buell Firebolt: Left Side View
1Right rear turn signal
2Tail/stop lamp
4Rear brake fluid reservoir
5Front brake master cylinder
6Front brake hand lever
7Front brake caliper
8Oil filter
9Cam position sensor cover
10Rear brake pedal
11Rider footrest
12Rear shock absorber (under seat)
13Passenger footrest
14Rear belt sprocket
Figure 2. Buell Firebolt: Right Side View