Do not switch lubricant brands indiscriminately because some lubricants interact chemically when mixed. Use of inferior lubricants can damage the engine. (00184a)
  1. The steering head bearings are sealed, angular contact bearings and do not require additional lubrication.
  2. See a dealer or service manual and check steering head bearing resistance:
    1. At every 5000 mile (8000 kilometer) service interval.
    2. When storing or removing the motorcycle for the season.
  3. Front and rear wheel bearings are sealed and do not require additional lubrication. Check every 5000 miles (8000 kilometers) (more often in adverse conditions) or yearly if operated under winter conditions. Replace bearing spacers if they show any wear or distortion.
  4. Remove and lubricate handlebar throttle control grip sleeve with graphite every 5000 miles (8000 kilometers), once each year or when operation indicates lubrication is necessary.
  5. Every 5000 miles (8000 kilometers) lubricate throttle control cables and clutch control cable. Lubricate front brake hand lever, clutch control hand lever, filler cap, and ignition switch only if necessary. Lubricate sidestand pivot. Lubricate interactive exhaust system cable and active intake cable (if equipped).
  6. Rear swingarm pivot bearings are sealed and do not require additional lubrication. Inspect rear swingarm pivot bearings at 10,000 mile (16,000 kilometer) intervals.
Lubricate all control connections and parts regularly. Pay particular attention to lubrication needs after washing motorcycle or driving in wet weather.