Shift transmission to neutral before starting engine to prevent accidental movement, which could result in death or serious injury. (00044a)
The engine should be allowed to run slowly for 30-60 seconds. This will allow the engine to warm up and let oil reach all surfaces needing lubrication. Failure to comply can result in engine damage. (00181b)
Buell motorcycles feature a starter interlock. Before starting the engine, all the following conditions must be met.
The DDFI II fuel injection system compensates for all outside and engine temperatures to assure positive starts.
  1. Figure 1. Turn engine OFF/RUN switch to RUN (2).
  2. Be sure throttle is closed.
  3. Turn ignition/headlamp key switch to ON.
  4. Verify transmission is in NEUTRAL position by observing lit green neutral indicator lamp on dash panel and verify neutral position by rolling bike forward and rearward.
  5. Press electric starter switch (3) to operate starter.
  6. Release electric starter switch when engine starts.
If you read this section and still have questions about the correct operation of your motorcycle, talk to an authorized Buell dealer.
1Engine off
2Engine run
3Electric starter switch
Figure 1. Engine Off/Run Switch: Buell Models