First 1000 Miles (1600 Kilometers)
The first scheduled maintenance is at 1000 miles (1600 kilometers). See Maintenance Scheduling → Regular Service Intervals: Buell Models for complete list of required services.
  1. Change engine oil.
  2. Replace oil filter.
  3. Change transmission fluid and clean magnetic drain plug.
  4. Check and adjust primary chain.
  5. Adjust throttle position sensor (TPS).
  6. Inspect brake fluid level and condition. Check hydraulic brake lines and fittings for leaks.
  7. Check brake pads and rotors for wear.
  8. Adjust clutch adjustment.
  9. Check oil lines for leaks.
  10. Check tire pressure and inspect tread.
  11. Inspect air cleaner filter.
  12. Check throttle cable adjustments.
  13. Check operation of all electrical equipment and switches.
  14. Road test.