See Operation → Factory Suspension Settings: Ulysses XB12X for more information about suspension tuning.
Setting Rear Shock Preload
See Figure 1. Change the preload by turning the preload adjuster. See Operation → Suspension Adjustments: Buell Models for factory settings.
Setting Front Fork Preload
1. See Figure 2. Check number of lines to be showing (3) for your load condition.
Adjust both forks equally. Improper fork adjustment can lead to loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00124c)
2. Turn the adjuster (2) with a wrench to the desired setting.
Figure 1. Rear Shock Preload Adjuster: Ulysses XB12X
1Rebound adjuster screw
2Preload adjuster nut
3Four lines visible
Figure 2. Front Fork Preload and Rebound Adjuster: Ulysses XB12X