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Language Title Global Reference
English (United States) 2017 Softail Models Parts Catalog 94000407_486032_en_US
English (United States) 2007 FXDSE Parts Catalog 99430-07_486120_en_US
English (United States) 2008 FXDSE2 Parts Catalog 99430-08_486122_en_US
English (United States) 2009 FXDFSE Parts Catalog 99430-09A_486124_en_US
English (United States) 2010 FXDFSE2 Parts Catalog 99430-10_486126_en_US
English (United States) 2014 FLSTNSE Parts Catalog 99431-14_486132_en_US
English (United States) 2015 FLSTNSE Parts Catalog 99431-15_486134_en_US
English (United States) 2006 Dyna Models Parts Catalog 99439-06A_356063_en_US
English (United States) 2007 Dyna Models Parts Catalog 99439-07A_486168_en_US
English (United States) 2008 Dyna Models Parts Catalog 99439-08A_486170_en_US
English (United States) 2013 Dyna Models Parts Catalog 99439-13A_486180_en_US
English (United States) 2014 Dyna Models Parts Catalog 99439-14A_486182_en_US
English (United States) 2015 Dyna Models Parts Catalog 99439-15_486184_en_US
English (United States) 2016 Dyna Models Parts Catalog 99439-16B_486186_en_US
English (United States) 2007 Softail Models Parts Catalog 99455-07B_486264_en_US
English (United States) 2008 Softail Models Parts Catalog 99455-08B_486266_en_US
English (United States) 2009 Softail Models Parts Catalog 99455-09B_486268_en_US
English (United States) 2010 Softail Models Parts Catalog 99455-10A_486270_en_US
English (United States) 2011 Softail Models Parts Catalog 99455-11A_486272_en_US
English (United States) 2012 Softail Models Parts Catalog 99455-12A_486274_en_US


We strongly urge you to take the affected motorcycle to an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer to have the appropriate service performed as soon as possible