The automatic-on headlamp feature provides increased visibility of the rider to other motorists. Be sure headlamp is on at all times. Poor visibility of rider to other motorists can result in death or serious injury. (00030b)
Record your key number in the space provided at the front of this book. The key number is impressed on a plastic tab that comes with the keys.
The ignition/headlamp key switch controls the distribution of power to the ignition and lamps.
  1. See Figure 1. Turn the key clockwise to the ON (5) position to start the bike.
  2. NOTE
    • If you leave the key in this position for an extended period while parked the lamps will eventually discharge the battery.
    • The key cannot be removed from the ON position.
  3. See Controls and Indicators → Instruments: Ulysses XB12X → Dash Panel: Ulysses XB12X. Observe instrument panel perform self-tests. If self-tests fail, see a Buell dealer.
    1. The needles will sweep the tachometer and speedometer.
    2. The neutral lamp and the oil pressure signal lamp will illuminate.
    3. If the OFF/RUN switch is in the RUN position, the check engine lamp will illuminate for approximately 4 seconds. See Controls and Indicators → Fuel Injection: Ulysses XB12X for more information about the check engine lamp.
  4. See Figure 1. Turn the key counterclockwise to the OFF position (4) to shut the motorcycle off.
  • The tail lamp will illuminate when the ignition/headlamp key switch is in the ON or PARK position.
  • The headlamp will illuminate when the ignition/headlamp key switch is ON and the electric start switch is in the RUN position.
  • The key can be removed from the OFF position.
Locking Steering Head
1PARKING LAMP position
2LOCK position
4OFF position
5ON position
Figure 1. Ignition Key Switch: Ulysses XB12X